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Content : 3g x 4 pack
This is a soup mix powder originally.
Pouring 180ml (6 fl ounce) hot water to this powder.
YOU can cook Japanease soup within second.
BUT I recommed use this as pasta mix,

Please  use this to cook pasta !
Boild pasta as usual, then mix this. Just 3 seconds.
Matsutake is a kind of mushroom and  flavor is characteristic.
Truffle and porcino is popular in Europe ad US.
But Japanease love Matsutake.
Cook pasta with this, and  you can a life of party(party hero)
If you have KIKKOMAN or another soy, put saurce a bit.
It’s a perfect Japanase taste Pasta.
Just second !
No need to learn complex Japanese recipe.
And this mix is good for …

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EQUELL(Soy based suppliment for woman Anti-Aging)superior than Soy isoflavones

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Product Name: EQUELLE(Soy based suppliment for woman  Anti Aging)Quantyty: 112 tablets (0.66g each) for 28 days
Ingredients: fermented  Soy Embriyo bud,grape sugar, cellulose, HPMC, coloring agent (titanium oxide, caramel), talc, stearic acid Ca
Nutritional Facts/per tabletCalories  2.86,  protein: 0-0.3 g of , Fat: 0-0.2 g, carbohydrates: 0.375 g,S-equol  2.5 mg, sodium: 0-2 mg ,soy isoflavone (as aglycone): 1.6 mg

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Soy  isoflavone is not an answer for menopausal disorders.
Soybean contains isoflavones (estrogen-like substances) that are being studied for menopausal disorders, osteoporosis, …