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Content : 3g x 4 pack
This is a soup mix powder originally.
Pouring 180ml (6 fl ounce) hot water to this powder.
YOU can cook Japanease soup within second.
BUT I recommed use this as pasta mix,

Please  use this to cook pasta !
Boild pasta as usual, then mix this. Just 3 seconds.
Matsutake is a kind of mushroom and  flavor is characteristic.
Truffle and porcino is popular in Europe ad US.
But Japanease love Matsutake.
Cook pasta with this, and  you can a life of party(party hero)
If you have KIKKOMAN or another soy, put saurce a bit.
It’s a perfect Japanase taste Pasta.
Just second !
No need to learn complex Japanese recipe.
And this mix is good for …

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Benifuki+Ginger powder tea for hay fever patented/ Matcha tea

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Product Name: Tea powder(Benifuki+Ginger) hay feverQuantyty: 40g (1.4oz)Ingredients: Powdered tea(Shizuoka produce), powdered ginger(Kouchi procude)Japan Patent2006-232805This patent is aimed  to let the activity of the antiallergy ingredient increase by putting tea leaf and other food together.
This tea has no stimulation of ginger.

We can ship to Word Wide

Made by Organic Tea and Organic Ginger

This powder tea is not matcha. Matcha is made by tea leaf of Tencha.But powder tea is just a grained tea leaf. Taste is totally different. Match is expensive,  so cheapest …